Lady, I see you, if I see me, who will work for WE. We became WE, to communicate as one, but you want a voice. What do you want to say? My ears are open, I hear you. Does what you have to say speak for both of us? I am trying to lead, I am trying to put us both in a position to succeed. Sit down, take a step back, have you ever listened? or do you just want to be heard? Why do you believe your voice is drowning in this relationship?  I thought we were swimming in the same direction or at least holding on to one another doggy paddling for our survival. Speak, your tears aren’t conveying the problem, I need words. Speak, I can’t read your mind, I need your lips to move.

Baby, I see you, I know you see me, and I want to continue to work toward We. I want us to continue to be an us, but every time we communicate, I don’t feel like we are ONE. I hear your reasoning, but it doesn’t always sit right with me, though it sounds right. I want your heart not just your ears. This isn’t a business arrangement, it’s two people working as partners. I need to feel you in this relationship! You’re excellent at speaking for the both of us and leading in the community, yet when it’s just us; where is your voice? Sit down, take a step back. Are we both succeeding in being present when we are one on one? Or Are you always outside these walls looking for success? I always listen to your words, but I want to hear your heart. My voice is all that is keeping us from becoming roommates. So yes, I want to be heard. To answer your question, yes, we are drowning, and no, I’m not swimming in a different direction, but I don’t want to Doggy paddle to survive. I want to swim to live.

My wife, I hear you, you make a valid point, I am preparing us for survival. I am assuring we continue to have a roof over our heads, food on the table, and have a clear path to our apartment.

My husband, I hear you, you are excellent at providing but why have a roof over our heads, food, and a clear path to misery. My job is to make sure the home has the warmth of two active hearts beating in sync.

Your right, I do need to hug you more, kiss you more, and show my heart more often.

And your right, I need to put myself  in your shoes, see through your eyes, and listen to your words more intently.

But, let’s start with promising to communicate as soon as we see a problem, and be more receptive to the person communicating that problem….Let’s swim towards solutions, and our destination will be happiness, and together we will have a voice!


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