Suffocated By Your Love….


I say and say but you do the opposite, then I am expected to clean up the messes you make from not listening;  well, I didn’t apply for a janitor position in your life, nor did I say I would be loyal to stupidity.  I applied for a position that meant growing along side one another, but we are definitely growing in opposite directions. I have always been direct about not opening my arms to people that will suffocate me, yet, you shorten my breath with decisions that are smothering this relationship.  I have to let go because you don’t know what it takes to hold on. I helped you out of one bad situation after the next, and realized, I wasn’t helping you at all. Being your security has given you access to rob me blind. My faith will restore my ability, so I will be able again; but my faith in you has dissolved. I won’t say another thing because acting is the only thing left to do; my silence and distance is my solution!!!!



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