Games End Relationships….

The games people play to start and end relationships; time is of the essence, yet we waste the times that could be essential. When a heart beat skips in the presence of a person, get everything in line to be with them; being a part of their life will be one of the greatest achievements in your life. Attempting to preserve a relationship with a person that causes your heart to murmur will create an endless blackness that will allow you to see the light faster than expected. Why fool around with days that can be spent avoiding being around fools? Why not spend days cuddling in the arms of forever? Barack Obama has achieved the highest honor in the world, and I would bet my life that his Greatest accomplishments are marrying his wife and giving birth to his family. We have to stop taking for granted the simple pleasures; the daily bread that sandwiches us between appropriating Life and having a dishonorable death. Our relationships should always have cause so the outcomes will always have  a positive effect. Let’s leave the games for competitive sport and use our relationships to construct one team!!!! 



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