​Bitterness stems from being sweetened by artificial sweeteners. Going into a relationship with a person that sprints out the gate at a pace that is impossible to keep up for the long run. Dating potential, instead of a finished product; wanting things in your mate they never promised or exhibited in the first place. People play victim in their relationships, instead of taking responsibility for the things they seen but chose to ignore. Well, my approach is to give a person a full perspective of what they are getting into. I express where I have been, where I am, and where I want to go. People say the past doesn’t matter, but it shaped you into the person you are presently; and if I don’t understand your journey, how am I suppose to understand you? People say just let things flow naturally, yet it’s in our nature to want to know where we are going before we take the ride. I want to hear about your struggles, your triumphs, your goals, and your purpose. I will be all in your business; I hate small talk. If you believe that is too aggressive, then we are unequally yoked. I deserve a person who is willing to match my all with their all. Secrets are designed for strangers, and if you want to get to know me, reveal yourself. I don’t want to fall for a representative when I can stand side by side with authenticity. Most test the water before jumping in, but I came to swim and I trust that the temperature is just right. Let’s build a friendship so the worst that can happen is we end as friends. People, let’s stop playing games like we were the only ones who got hurt, when that’s just a manipulation to encourage someone to prove themselves to us. The truth is, we are a product of our choices. If we don’t ask questions then they won’t give answers; if we date a thug, they will be a thug; if they are stuck up they will be stuck up….If you shop for what you want, you will get exactly what you want. When you know what you want, it may take longer to find; but, once you get it, maintain it, or it will be easier to lose. When you are truly ready for Love, you won’t be afraid of the pain because you will know yourself well enough to put yourself in a place of Love. Remember, both parties are taking the same risk; so if you like the music, dance to the song and work a lifetime to see eye to eye by keeping each other engaged and married to honesty!!!!



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