When talking to a group of men about women, I noticed that they feel stressed out about their inability to be heard. They feel they spend more time trying not to get into a fight as opposed to finding solutions. They all mentioned how they are guilty until proven innocent when it comes to women. They all said “I can’t win an argument with a woman”. I told them, ” the problem is  y’all are trying to win, Communication nor a relationship  shouldn’t be about winning or losing, but two people working toward a solution that will suit both parties. I went on to say, “you think women aren’t listening, but if you go into the discussion believing they can’t hear you, aren’t they guilty until being proven innocent also. They all just looked at me in silence, I said “Relationships are about thinking the best of your partner and believing the best will come out of having a honest discussion”….. I understand it’s easier said than done, but if it isn’t done, then your relationship will be done!


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