She asked me, “How do you discover the one person?” 
I told her, “Narrow your focus, everyone isn’t worth your time”. 
She said, “What if my focus is too narrow and I miss out on that person?” 
I said, “What if you focus on too many and you take the person that you should narrow on for granted, and lose them?”

I continued, “When we are younger we have the ability to mix and match because we are discovering who we are, but as we age, we get a better understanding of who we are so our circles shrink, and become more person centered and Like minded.” 
She said, “I never thought of it like that, I put one egg in several baskets and my basket is never fulfilled”  
I said, “Great Analogy”
She said, “Thanks but how do you know it’s the one?”
I said, “When you admire them even when you’re angry with them. When they give you hope daily and take away doubt.” “It simple, you know when their principles make you want to build a home with them” 


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