​I believed that you can accept my truth from the beginning and came out blazing. You weren’t patient because you judged me by your past, plus you were holding on to emotions that I didn’t know existed. You checked me, put me in my place, and I hope you are convicted in me being too much. Because, I happen to have people around me were enough isn’t enough because we work at it everyday. We have our boots laced to fight daily because we want an unique relationship not the typical time and place, have some tact, half truths relationship. We are stripped and feel comfortable naked. You would found millions that agree with you about me, so you have a large audience. So, you will win the people, I guess I lose in theory by popular opinion. Funny, it was my uniqueness that allowed you to open up so quickly. It was my attention to details that captivated you in the first place. But, it was ultimately that in which caused you to break what was being built. I accept that I am not your cup of tea and you want to drink coffee. I accept that I am responsible for pulling those emotions out of you yesterday but I am not responsible for how you used them. 



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