​Crazy as I may be, I am searching for people that see it as sanity.  My time doesn’t tick if the ticks aren’t worth my time. You’re bothered the whole time I am talking, but once I become mute, I am not talking enough. Yet, I am the controlling one for not accepting the fact that you are trying to control me. I want to be in the presence of equals, nothing more nothing less. I will only fight to be heard when you aren’t listening. I will dominate the discussion when it’s time for you to be passive….I am passionate about coming to an agreement and honoring the provisions of that agreement.  Our relationship isn’t going to be one-sided; anything I can provide, you will receive; anything you can provide, I want to receive. Why struggle for power when the power comes from not struggling.  Is it truly unreasonable to want to reason? Is it unrealistic to have happiness in reality? I am walking to the middle of the road, and if you’re not there when I get there, I am turning around and walking away….I will not take one more step forth; I’m only open to a partnership! 


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