Telling me I need to change, but it’s going to be my consistency that causes us to remain; my tough Love and tender heart, my ability to be there when you need someone the most, my ability to get the most out of someone.  The consistency that allows you to say he will show up when everyone else doubts. The consistency you can trust he isn’t cheating because it wasn’t mentioned.  The consistency that you can believe enough to be faithful to. If I change an inch it may push us a mile away; if I change an ounce it may create pounds of problems; If I change, you won’t recognize me because I wouldn’t be the same person you fell In-Love with. Change is a constant in the world, but why should I change when I am the only thing that is consistent in your world. I worked to find myself so I can find someone that knows themselves,  but I guess I have to find someone else because you’re still searching for yourself if you’re telling me I need to change!!!! AB


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