​The part of Love that we exist in, only few have witnessed. The piece of my heart that you have, no one else has ever visited. When my eyes close, I can smell your scent, no matter the distance between us. I see you in every woman I pass in the street, which means I am not ready to move on. You have touched me in a way, that would sway hate to Love. As I digest the air of life, I am suffocated by the absence of your emotion. You said “we grew apart”, but I thought we were a part of something only death can end. My heart has slowed to a faint pump. My mind is rapid, racing in and out of you running to a different starting line. The pain has numb my soul, my laughter has become a dry cough. I am dying. Yet, I continue to live to feel that same Love again, hope has given me life….



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