A cloud in the sky doesn’t mean it’s going to rain; don’t anticipate me walking out the door just because the door is open. Don’t believe I love you less just because I know you can give more. Me expressing my discontentment is a sign that I want to stay. I want to continue on continuing until we are forced to be discontinued. Just because I have other options doesn’t mean that you are optional. My heart is in your hands and all I am asking is that you don’t make a fist, squashing the idea that I have ever existed. We are good together but we can be great if we come together. We are reading the same book but on different pages. Let’s find a way for us to be on the same page so if we have to close the book we can say we read it to its end. I love you is enough to fight….I love you is enough to be at peace. Right now we are falling to pieces, but, our love can be whole again. You are hanging off the ledge; I have your hand, and if YOU want us dead release from my grasp!!!!



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