​I sold you Love and you just couldn’t buy it. You wanted the earth, when I purchased the sun, moon, and stars for you. You preferred to keep in touch, when i was providing something you could reach for. I was full of faith by continuing to be faithful to the idea, of you being ideal. I ran toward you, while you were walking away. You chased something, you thought was greater than you and I. But, you found out too late that We were the best you can get, but it wasn’t the best I could get because I am holding someone that purchased the Love, I was selling. And, We are an Us. So, though, you and I have past, their presence, has given me a future. Thank God, I didn’t spend my last dime of my Love on you because now I am Scrooge McDuck in Love. Thanks for showing me, my worth. I appreciate it….



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