​Tears water her eyes, creases form around her eyes, she is happy. She watches him walk up the block toward her, the excitement of his hug and kiss has overwhelmed her. Standing at the end of the street, wanting to run to him, but that would be counterproductive because that’s opposite of their destination. So, she waits patiently until he steps into her space. 

He sees her at the end of the road. The sight of her relaxes his facial muscles to a smile. His vision blurs, he wipes two streaming tears from his cheeks. He is happy. Walking toward her, his heart races, his life has meaning, he’s in Love. 

He arrives, she can’t wait to extend her arms. He accepts her invitation by pulling her close, wrapping his arms around her waist. They don’t waste anytime, their lips lock, her arms still wrapped around his neck. They release from each other’s grasp and that’s just the beginning of the night….



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