He turned his back believing in greener grass, watching thick thighs passing day after day. He walks out the door on a home that was the key, but he felt locked. The door closed behind him, she fell to her knees. Tears formed puddles that would drown any man that refused to swim. She was angry for months but ran into a man that strengthened her faith. He held her tight, night after night. Her smiled graced her face, while thinking of him walking down the street. “I miss that smile”, she heard in the distance. She looks ups to see the face of the man which gave her his back. Her smile erases from her face and she just stares at him. He continues, “I miss my home”. She looks him in the eyes and says, ” that home has burned down and was rebuilt with dedication and devotion….here are your keys, they don’t fit the locks anymore”. She walks off, smile plastered back on her face. He watches his green grass walk away to grow in better soil. One tear leaves his left eye, her pain is now his!!!!



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