​As we lay, I inhale your exhale and at opposite breaths we live through eachothers release. Odd how releasing can save the soul of another. You, my love, quietly string my heart, keeping it close encaged, engaged to a home of partnership. Your shoulder I depend, while my heart is full and my lungs busy, recycling air, shared by us. Two making best of remnants grown upon. I listen with ease because in this silence its what will become. One. One of us with our synchronized heartbeats.

 Yes, We give each other life, perfecting  the rhythm of inhaling and exhaling. One breath out of place suffocates us. Yet, we have done this for years, through madness and tears, through happiness and conquered fears; we still end up here. Locked up, providing the key support in one another’s life. Each breath having meaning, every meaning giving us breath. We lay, inhaling each other’s exhales, until one of us fails to breathe….

Written by Jasmine Martinez and Aziz Brown 


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