​I laugh because I am happy. The man sitting next to me thinks I am insane. But, this train is taking me to a warm home. I will be welcomed by familiar walls, familiar scents, a familiar definition of Love. I am blessed and I am counting those blessings with my joy. He moves away because everyone else is frowning, and that’s the norm. Everyone else’s is fatigued from a day that drain them. Yet, i am crazy because I am excited about the end of my day. I smile at this man hoping to infect him with my brand of crazy. He looks away, I am still happy because my day has just started. I am moving closer to Love.



3 thoughts on “My Brand of Crazy….

  1. That picture is greattttttt! Brand of Crazy…. How nice would it be if the world was branded with that thinking…. Thats Love. Not Crazy. Thats Happy, Not Lost. Put a smile on my face.


    1. Thanks, I thought it went perfect with the piece as well. It would be nice to have more people sharing my brand of crazy. That Love that see peace within the war, that Love that can hold a heart in place.


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