​I wanted to grab your hand, pull you back, and press my heart against yours. But, we are so far apart, a hug wouldn’t bring us closer. You are tired of the tears running down your face. Shit, you are tired of holding your tears back. I am tired of having your back and believing no one has mine. I am tired of wondering what I have to do to gain clarity in your speech and honesty in your emotions. We are both tired of not connecting, yet we continue to disconnect. You’re tired of fighting and I think we need to fight until we get it right. Our ideals don’t match, that’s the detachment. We aren’t on different pages, we are reading different books. Yet, we are interested in the pages the other flips. 



2 thoughts on “Yet, We Continue to Disconnect….

  1. You fight until you fully disconnect. Thats the wear and tear in relationships, hoping the other changes until youre done believing. Yall cant be reading two different book though. Interest can go but so far. Connection via books to create a common ground of understanding can build the two back up. Your words are sharp and read deep. I read it and imagined it was me disconnected and its not a great feeling.


    1. Jazzy, You’re right! Interest only allows us to take flight, but we need my to keep us in flight. We must be pilot and co-pilot, working as one team. Both people must want to travel through the sky or we may crash, and we both may lose life. I am glad you can feel my words because they are meant to be felt.


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