They don’t understand because they aren’t standing under us, when our eyes meet and we are connecting souls in all of those moments. They didn’t witness the connection of us challenging one another to the point of exhaustion, just to have enough strength to honor what was agreed upon. The were absent every time we worked with each other to solve the stress the other was going through. We ask would they let that all pass? The hugs that mended separated hearts, the passion which grew into Love and admiration, the eyes that spoke when lips wanted to meet. Would they have passed? On a heaven that in comparison made every thing feel like hell. Would they have passed? On the very chance, they can make the idea of soulmates, a reality. They may have passed, but should we believe this opportunity was given to us from the devil’s lust and not God’s heart. Should we believe, this was a test we both failed, used as tools to prove we deserve hell. Well, if this was my final moment, then I will burn for eternity, because everything in me, believes we were supposed to meet, and witness this chance to see if we were eternity of a fulfilled destiny.


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