​She smiled at me. The warmth elevated my body to a sweat. I smiled back, but refused to risk her being another failed relationship, so I passed. She was in the right place, at the right time, but my mentality was wrong. As a young man, I wouldn’t  have hesitated. Years, have washed away my faith and my confidence in the process. I am single, with nothing to lose, yet I acted like a loser. My chance at forever passed because I am still hung up on what happened last. Damn, she could have been my last, you punk ass….

~AzizBrown ~


One thought on “Past Has Passed….

  1. young n innocent to old and tainted- just a mentality away from a lifetime, though its the lifetime that housed the taint. gotta be strong in this life, always looking for the sun. funny play on words at the end.


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