​Our eyes started out with a focused stare of recognition. We knew those were the set of eyes we wanted to look into for the rest of our lives. Fate has chosen us to be a faith. We would come home every evening from the occupations which separated us in the morning, unlock the door to lock eyes. So happy to be home, we would just stare. As our lips met, our noses danced, and arms folded around each other; we were married to Love. 

Then, that unforgettable evening, i came home looking for your eyes but they hit the floor, chin tucked in your chest, only thing I can see was the part in your hair explaining our future. You locked eyes with another. Tears that once meant joy, were now tearing us apart. My heart broke in an instant, the heat raised from my toe, i was angry. I took a deep breath, swallowing the pain I wanted to throw up on you. I watched several couples go through this never thinking it would be my turn. Your head rose, you looked at me in silence, expecting my words to soothe you. I was emptied, regretting our eyes ever met. Then, I remembered our first stare, began to tear, and know I would do it all again. But, I had to look away.

~AzizBrown ~


2 thoughts on “Closed Eyes….

  1. What everyone fears. But, to not have truly loved, is to not live. That kind of sacrifice, vulnerability, and transparency is something that once given, the spirituality of the unity is naked and free. Speaking about love is exciting and endearing, and while reading this, it hurt. But his pain and lack of true regret is what brings back the joy .


    1. Word, We allow fear to consume us so we pass on opportunities because they will cause us the pain in or minds. But, God has a great sense of humor. The greatest joys have the possibility of bring us the greatest pain. Faith is greatness


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