​An ounce of your kisses continues to allow my heart to pound. Miserable, because I am so happy in your arms and their is so much suffering in the world. Sad, because I have the motivation to climb mountains and so many fear mounting a hill. You make me happy. You remind me I exist. We are perfection. Our sheets are enough to cover us through those cold winter days because our body heat is quilted in Love. I sit in a daze on my way to work, amazed that I have a job I enjoy; keeping joy in your heart. Content, isn’t a strong enough word to express what’s written in my heart. Peace can’t be the definition of the warring passion I have to fight for us. You will never be alone again, I navigate through society, driven by one passenger, I picked up when I stopped and saw the light; now everything is alright. Thank you for bringing My faith to life, I Love You….



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