​I need to hear your song again. I want to hear your soothing voice in my ear, dancing in my head. I miss the words spoken toward our future. Hours of Love making, hearts pounding out of our chest. Your breast pressed against my pecks, eyes rolling to a close, the smell of us coming together, still haunts me. I remember each walk, every last talk, the passion of how we fought. I can’t duplicate that, I can’t duplicate the effortless  romance of wanting to suffocate myself in your dimples. The motivation I got from your laughter. You were the one, we were two merged as one. I can feel you rested on my stomach, wanting to feed me because you heard a few growls. Oh how you took care of me, you Loved me with a Love of fantasy. You were fantastic at getting air meaning. Then, God took you and now I breathe for the both of us….I Miss You BaBy!



One thought on “I Miss You BaBy….

  1. The passion someone can have for another is one of the blessings God has bestowed upon us. The best things in life are those, thT when taken away, feel like death. Great painting.


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