Focused on the curves in your spine, over the emptiness in your heart. Watching your nice lips over the words leaving them. Yet, I blame you for the pain, when you told me you were insane. I thought I was different because all I wanted us to be was the same. I wished for more, nonetheless you weren’t well. You said “I am not ready for Love”, but I gave you a hug believing my heart will pump Love into you. Yet, I blame you. I made excuses for your actions because I didn’t want to take action. I pushed Love ones away for judging you, never seeing I was a prisoner. You never lied about being a virus, but I thought I can nurse you to health. I blame you, for the numbness in my days. The unbearable aching at night. I gave years to someone that only wanted to be a moment. Yet, I blame you, when it was me. You were honest, I just lied to myself. I blame myself and now I am ready to heal….



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