​Her skin softened in my hands, it touched my ego. We would go all night, waking up in the morning just to let go. The dreams we had under the moon wasn’t reality once we woke up to the sun. She would get dress and return back to the life that she claimed was lifeless. Yet, she continued returning home instead of staying in mine. The chase would bore in theory but as soon as her eyes captured mine. I was caught up again in her empty promises. My heart will race, she would win, and i would go ahead in head first. I never took a second to stop and think, the day will come, and I would just be another knight; trying to convince a Queen, that I can one day be the king, her king could never be. Then, I realized I wasn’t royalty, I was just another man in armor, attempting to protect a damsel in distress which never was stress. She only wanted a side to go with her entree. But, I wanted to be the meat. So, I stopped giving her my sword and found my own kingdom with a queen that was willing to give me everything. And, I never looked back….


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