​My eyes hit the floor because I thought this beauty was too beautiful to see eye to eye with. For that moment my confidence swayed. I look back up and she looked at me and smiled. I smiled back and said “morning”. She replied, “Good morning, what a beautiful day”. I said “this day is beautiful, it never hurts that we also encounter beautiful people  throughout the day”. She chuckled and said, “that’s always a plus”. I added, “we waste so much time anticipating them being subtracted, that we don’t attempt to add them. I went on, ” I almost avoided saying something to you because I automatically thought you wouldn’t be receptive, but I was wrong. She said, “I get that a lot, like an attractive woman can’t be down to earth”. “Yes, it’s ignorance on my part” I responded with the look of shame plastered  on my face. “Well, this is my stop” she said. “Okay, it was nice talking to you” I replied. She said, “Until we meet again”! “Yes, until then”, I said. As the doors closed behind her, her last remark opened a door. I can’t wait until next time….

~AzizBrown ~


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