​I can picture him holding your soft skin in his hands. I remember when it was me, running my hand through your hair, but now it’s him separating your hair from his hands. I looked your way and you can look me straight in the eyes and smile. Yet, my head drops in pain when our pupils connect. You have taught me the pain Love brings. Every time the phone rings, my heart dials yours. There seems to be no answer for moving on. I can’t push you out of my mind, you were my gold mine. I want to hate your man, but I know how easy it is to Love you. Guess, I am not suppose to get over you because when I was under you, I acted like I was above you, and now I am beneath these covers; paralyzed from losing you. Thought it couldn’t happen and now that it has I don’t know what happen….



One thought on “Regret is as Bad as it Gets….

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