​We drifted apart. The arguments started to escalate to days of silence, passing one another in a home we built together. We slept back to back for months never once reaching across the invisible line we drew in the bed. It has become so normal to close our eyes and wake up to this as our reality and realistically it’s over. Yet, not one of us wants to say the words. We must both believe we have something left. We must both want to see this through, but the ghostly behavior continues. We have drifted, we have taken for granted the strength of communication. We stopped fighting, so I will say it, “It’s Over”! My bags will be packed at weekends end. Come Sunday night we will be a You and I and Monday will start the moving on process….

~ AzizBrown~


2 thoughts on “The Process Begins….

  1. Damn. This depiction is true to each second and thought, and desire. Egos or just Desire, wanting the other person to be accountable and reach out, all the while not reaching out yourself….. Its sad but real.


    1. Thanks, Ego are usually the cause of a lot of broken homes. Working together has become a thing of the past and the present isn’t a gift any more. We are all taught how to begin a relationship but sustaining one isn’t written in stone. So, we fail ourselves relationship after relationship hoping to get it right at some point.


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