​Love became our stomping ground. We fought like we never met and made up like we would never be apart. The smile on her face drew a picture perfect smile on mine. My eyes lit up whenever she entered any room. She blushed, when I grazed her cheek with mine. I whispered, my heart in her ear, every time it made sense of an emotion. But, we would forget all of those moment once our communication became miscommunication. Words would be said that couldn’t be rewound nor allow us to move forward. We would be stuck in an endless circle that would spin uncontrollably. Silence meant disconnect, talking meant yelling, and walking away meant the end. The recovery time for the wounds, consisted of lying in bed contemplating turning our backs, and walking away. Yet, the next day comes, and we stay. Eyes to eyes again, cheek on cheek once more, whispering forever in one another’s ears. And we start again….



2 thoughts on “And We Start Again….

  1. tragic or just the routine of spending life with someone?Communication is soooo big yet is taken for granted. if they listened to hear, the disconnect wouldnt be as big. if they listened to know, they could empathsize and or reflect and the disconnet would be even smaller. arguments wouldnt determine the future, but just be a moment.


    1. Yes, yes communication is the greatest tool in a relationship. We see so many relationships in this world, but we don’t see too many healthy ones. People stay longer than they should or leave when they should stay….we need to get it together. Love isn’t just an emotion, it’s a faith.


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