“I Love you”, rolled off her tongue like the crumbs of the muffin, she ate every morning. I digested those words like I would starve without them. Woke up one morning to an empty left side of the bed, this didn’t seem right. I grabbed my phone, called her. One ring and straight to voice mail. I left a message,  “call me when you get this”. I opened up my Facebook to see her status was changed to single. My eyes watered, but I refused to allow a tear to drop. I used anger to subside the pain. I went through her closets, everything was gone. Start on the draws, everything gone. Last night before my eyes closed she said “I Love you” and placed a soft kiss on my lips. I opened my eyes this morning to emptiness. I never saw it coming but it came and went. She made her mark and it would scar me for life….



2 thoughts on “Rude Awakening….

  1. your words pierce my heart. when reading, i felt i was you and the pain punctured me just as deep. its like a bad dream, after i finish reading, i awaken and am happy to know its not my reality.

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    1. Yes, it’s painful not to get closure. To wonder is endless, it lives with a person forever. We always wonder how true every hug and kiss truly was because it feels so real in the moment.


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