​Sitting at the foot of the bed, restless from all the unresolved thoughts racing through my mind. Couldn’t sleep an ounce because my head is pounding. The argument last night, left me believing this would be our last night. I am tired of proving my worth, when the value of our relationship should be enough. One vein protruded out my forehead, neck visualizing that same anger, and my voice is mixed with the Love for your soul and the hate of your skepticism. Yes, I will hurt you over and over again because we are sensitive to those we Love the most. But, I will never betray you nor do anything to play you. I am so tired. I can’t  compete with your endless doubts which are misplaced. I would understand if I made a habit of coming up short or acted on the cheating accusations of your thoughts, but I have done nothing but been thoughtful and have always stood tall. I fell in Love with such a confident woman, your insecurities have taken that Love for granted.  Now, I sit at the end of the bed contemplating if this would be the end of this being our bed. When the morning before we woke up and shared a kiss….



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