​I watched a woman sell her body to men, for a life I can never offer you. I saw the numbness of her pretending, so the men can climax. I watched independence, sell her a power that made her hopeless. I look into the emptiness of your pupils, understanding you would never sell your body, but I see that lust for more. I hold you with the passion of survival but you turn away from my embrace; trapped in a world bigger than us. I am frightened, not of being hurt, but one day waking up, and not giving a fuck. Us isn’t about flowing, it’s about sailing. We are lost, with no food for thought, no purity to liquefy your thirst, no compass to point us in the right direction. My heart is spilling, all the emotions that once patched me up. We built this place together, now it’s replaced with hoarded waste, which once had value. As the man ejaculated, I watched reality set in. He left emptier than he entered, and it was clear to me. You were stealing my soul and as much as I wanted your warm body next to mine; you were cold. We were dead. I needed to accept, we no longer have a pulse, and it’s time to resurrect my Love somewhere else….



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