​This relationship is going in circles. We speak and the actions continue to not match the solutions, we agreed upon. I Love you, but I can’t continue to stand in place, when the place I stand isn’t making me happy. I signed up to a marriage that promised we would work as one, yet we are two walking in opposite directions. You have tuned me out and I feel like I am begging for an affection that should come naturally. Last time we spoke, tears fell from my eyes. You looked at me as if it was a weakness, but it was clarity in my strength. I am finished. I am done speaking and without communication we can’t relate. So, this relationship no longer has a heartbeat. We flatlined….



3 thoughts on “We Flatlined….

      1. I wish, either way it will be a big deal or a headache. You know. I’m looking at our friendship, but the way this thing is going it’s not gonna end well.


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