​That argument last night displayed the passion we feel for one another but it also was a snapshot of how I don’t want to picture our future. We can get our points across without stealing each other’s self worth in the process. We promised to give each other value, but the partnership is losing interest.  Our patience has thinned out over the years. We can’t continue like this. Fight over easily solved issues; keep quiet when we need solution and never allow one another to complete a sentence. We must not want to be together anymore because when we are together we just end up apart. I still see marriage when I look in your eyes, yet every time we look away divorce is more of a reality. After last night , I have been thinking until this morning and I want us to start over this evening. Will you meet me at our favorite restaurant? so, we can begin again. I am not ready to quit because I want to die knowing my life was spent with you….



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