​You can’t buy me! “Yes, I like having items I can use, but your time is more important,” she said repeatedly. I kept working and buying her everything her heart desired. I left her in a house full of things that weren’t going to complete her. She wanted to spend time talking, cuddled up watching movies, reading books, and building our souls. I thought she was being ungrateful because I busted my ass to build the dream we talked about. Or was I talking about it and wasn’t listening? She is so unhappy and I am so tired from working long hours. I walked into the house we built and saw her sitting at the table staring off. She turned to me and said, “I want a divorce”. I never cheated, hit her, or disrespected her; why would she want a divorce? The first words that left my mouth were, “did you find someone else?” She look at me and said “I married someone else and now, I don’t know the person I am married to.” She was calm, with fatigue  all in her body language. I realized this was the first time I heard her in a long time. I worked harder to build a house but not a home. Okay, baby, you got my undivided attention beause I don’t want to be divided. I hear you, “I can’t buy you!” 



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