​I touched your back. I watched the chills literally run up your spine and transform into a smile with water filling your eyes. I kissed your lips gently enough to swallow the rough day you had. I put my hands through your hair and felt each strand in between the imprints of my fingers. I witness the pores swell in your face, arousing the passion in me. I am addicted to your happiness. The crease in your forehead built the tension between us. I wrap my tongue around your ear lobe, whispering “I Love you” in your eardrum. My heart beats out of my chest, hitting your erect nipples. I grab your body closer to mine, smelling the fold of your neck as I inhale the moment. I kiss your cheek, then your forehead, then your lips again. Our tongues graze, the corners of your mouth fits perfectly with shape of my lips. You moan, I release, we made Love and came together without entering one another….



2 thoughts on “We Came Together….

  1. Now, reading myself after time passed, im sitting on the bus thinking and feeling like I just read a page from an erotica. Except, when younread rhe last lines, you understand its about a loving passion.


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