I write in fear that all my Love will leave as soon as my words hit the paper. With you not around at the moment I just want to speak my heart to you. The rain splashes on the window and streams of water fall down the glass. The passion in the air is a togetherness that can only bond Lovers. I close my eyes and attempt to picture my arms around your body but my imagination couldn’t  compete with the real thing. I try to inhale your smell but the pipes of the projects prevent me from smelling anything but pissy heaters. I want to bottle all these emotions in me, yet I am writing. I can’t hold them in because the overwhelming Love forces me to document my passion. It pains me to hold it all in, though I tried, and I failed. Yet, I succeeded in using words that defined  how my heart believes in yours. I had to write them because if my breath begins to shorten, I didn’t want to leave you without understanding all you mean. I Love You, I Love Us, I Love Life because we are a We. My first line was written in fear I would lose and my last is written because I know how much I have to gain. I wrote these words because they enhance my soul and allows me to be closer to yours. Thank you for providing me Love worth describing.


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