My heart dropped when you said you wanted to talk. We were doing great but my last girlfriend left in a great place as well. You knocked on the door, I swallowed, but my mouth was bone dry. I took the chain off the door and let you in. You grabbed my hand and walked me to the living room. You asked me to sit on the couch. My knees buckled as I sat. I started to sweat. You noticed the water pouring from my forehead. You passed me a napkin but took it from me and started to wipe my sweat yourself. I looked up at you and said “What do you want to talk about?” You got on your knees, looked me in the eyes, and said ” things have been going great but”. That “But” made my stomach turn and I can actually feel my heart stop beating. I was dead for at least five seconds. I said, “But what”? you said, “Let me finish, But we are just boyfriend and girlfriend and I am tired of just being that. Out of pure fear of losing you I said ” Will You Marry Me?” You said, “Damn, I was getting ready to ask you, and you ruined the propasal.  You got up, stormed out and left the ring on the floor in a box. On the way out you said, “I always wanted to marry a man that wasn’t afraid to break traditional norms, but you just showed me in one moment I was wrong about you”! You closed the door and never came back….

The moral of the story is negative thoughts will change a positive act to a negative outcome. Remain optimistic about a great relationship, it can actually be great….



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