The heat has risen and the smoke refuses to clear. Our words are so unclear to one another that we need a translator just to get an ounce of understanding. Why do we return? The outcome continues to play out the same, yet we continue to hope for the difference. But the difference will not happen unless we are willing to change or find what changed to make us so estranged. At times, I can just strangle you. It wasn’t always like this. We were always rushing to spend time with each other. Now, we don’t mind spending time apart. Was it the years, which stole our passion for one another? Or was it the fact that we are no longer who we once were? Didn’t our commitment mean we should fight to maintain what we had? Well, regardless of the reason, we are here, and I can’t hear you or see where you are coming from anymore. I am done working to be heard and seen. Seems like the nightmare is our reality, it’s time to wake up in separate beds…..



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