I Want Great….
People may be able to string a few good moments together but you have to have a soul to function around me. I mean, most would settle for “good” because they have been “bad” a time in their lives. I expect great! I have an expectation for life which means I have an expectation for those around me. I have done a lot of bad (wrong). I continue to fail and get back up; I correct with focus and dedication. I think of those in my life before I decide to do something in life. You can guarantee I will be loyal to my words, dedicated to my actions, honest in my approach, and truthful in my apologies. Others returns should mirror the same. My company should reflect my values and set my worth. A few good deeds and just showing up through hard times isn’t good enough. You have to be present through it all, devote your heart beat. I am worthy….



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