Our plan was to fall in Love and find forever in a life that doesn’t last forever. Now, obstacles  push us to our limits. Yet, we are staying on the path. I come home everyday looking forward to the time you rest your head on my heartbeat. You walk in the door after a long day at work and a smile still breaks out on your face. You blush like the first day we met. The children need to eat, do homework, and get ready for bed. We have this down to a science. First one home is the first one to prepare the house for the other’s arrival. The food is ready, we sit down,  and eat as a family; going around the table discussing our days. We are passing our love and communication to our children. Just like we said we would. They are in the bed at 9 o’clock the latest. We are tired so we use the shower to wake us up, retire to our room, and spend an hour expressing why we still come home. The TV goes on and you are rested on my heart again. Tomorrow it starts all over again….perfect!!!!



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