I watched you sleep last night, I stared at the peacefulness of the relaxed muscles in your face, and promised myself I would do everything it takes to maintain that peace. The world is at war but when our door closes, we shouldn’t live in a home divided. We are together because we are both better that way and there is no way I will forfeit what we have for no one. I will show up on time, hold you in the front of my mind, and continue to build the life we designed. Your the most important person to me because children will leave; parents will ask us to leave but we will forever stay. Your heart is my responsibility and I will honor that commitment with death. The fussing and fighting will always be to bring better nights. The kisses and hugs will be to make love. I am dedicated and devoted to us because we will remain in a united state. I love you and my life will be spent reflecting that Love….



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