Partnership, relating is the easy part but maintaining relatability cross a lifetime, there lies the struggle. We all have goals, we all want singular things. What if I told you singular wants will never bring happiness? What if I told you we were made to work for something greater than ourselves? Playing several roles, connected to others fates. What if I told you the happiest you would ever be would mean signing up for a role in other people’s lives. Whether it be friend, romantic partner, purpose partner; building a like minded group. Would you believe me? Or would you want to work harder to prove that fact wrong? Today, sit back and watch people. Think about what you can do to bring those people happiness (whether you know them or not). Let go of everyone that hurt you and just find inside what you have to offer others. See if that feeling still motivates you, see if it still brings you JOY. You will feel that passion and that is relating. Once you start thinking about yourself again, you will realize how closed off and disconnected you will become again because you don’t have trust in a fellowship….That disconnect is why we lose relatability because we lose focus on the goal Love and togetherness….so we become disloyal and bitter….and our partnerships fade….


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