Why am I always selling you a dream because I don’t want to factor in others’ realities, being ours? No, I can’t picture myself lying in between another woman’s thighs. Why do I have to admit that it could happen? No, I can’t picture me putting my hands on you in any abusive way. That isn’t something I will ever concede to being a reality. No, I won’t leave you to chase greed, you are my dream, I can’t see a future without you. Us breaking up, that isn’t happening; that isn’t our life. Stop living other people’s realities and making it ours. I make it home everyday. When I can’t, I call you, and tell you why. When I tell you why, you never have to second guess the reason, unless, I am trying to surprise you with a happy moment. When we make love, tears still run down your cheeks from the happiness of our passion to please one another. Yes, we argue and fuss but that’s because we are honest about things we disagree with, and we aren’t going to bite our tongues just to maintain a false peace. We live check to check but we are never struggling wondering how we will pay the bills because we manage our funds together. We are honest about our earnings and where they are going. We live within our means. This is our reality. All this Love between us is our reality. Come here, give me a kiss, your lips on mine is our reality. We don’t have to be those around us, we will forever go up and never be down again because we have each other. You are my reality! Happiness is possible….



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