We want a woman that we can trust with our hearts. One that is loyal to our strengths and will check us on our weaknesses. A woman that doesn’t start trouble and remains drama free. One that can express their emotions, yet remain logical when solving a problem. A woman that caters because she wants to, not because she wants something in return. Overall a woman that is cut above and refuse to be cut below.


They want a man that can withstand all the women placed in front of them. They want a “wanted man”, not a man that acts on wanting women. They want a man smart enough to challenge them, but not dumb enough to take on all their challenges. They want a leader. They want a man that can make a plan and carry it out. They want a man they can nurture but not a man they have to nurture. Overall, Women want a man that they can trust will have their best interest because most women will be vested.



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