As friends we are going to go through raising children together, mourning the losses of our parents, illnesses we can’t prevent, and some financial hardships. Do we really need more strain on our relationships? Communicate freely with your friends about what’s in your heart. Listen to what they have to say because you may know yourself but they see what you can’t. DEDICATE everything you have to building a strong foundation. Be HONEST say the things that need to be said, challenge them to be their best, encourage them when they are at their best, and tell them why you Love them every chance you get. DEVOTE the time. Make sure you make them a priority because a great friend will always make you one. Build something together invest in your friendship, like minds allows seeds to grow. Trust your friends, believe they are in your best interest. It’s okay to argue with them for clarity but never question their intentions. They may be wrong but that doesn’t mean they are trying to wrong you. As friends you must have tough discussions with practice they will come easier. Work at your friendships daily….



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