Love has forgotten to write! I mean, I wrote Love for years and never received one letter from Love. Pouring my heart into each word, tears hit the pages many times, and nothing. I have shown Love; I can be LOYAL. I mean, I stayed when they hurt me. I forgave them by giving them a million chances. I have never judged them for cheating, beating, or mistreating me. I still support them. I turned the other cheek because “I Love them”. I wrote that in a letter to you, hoping you will write back, nothing. Love, you forgot to write. I mean, i have shown DEDICATION. I have help those that needed me the most. I have shared my money with penniless people. I have fed the homeless, assisted blind people to their destination, and I have taken the time to support people in their illnesses. I wrote, not a word. I have been HONEST. I hit my knees when they attempted to walk out the door, I begged them to be good to their children, and I have told them I was hurt when they didn’t consider me. I mean, I was truthful about my emotions; though I was so angry. I was “real” because I didn’t want to walk away. I was DEVOTED. I told them until death and I meant it. I stayed when they embarrassed me in front of my friends, isolated me from my family, and refused to allow me to grow. I mean, I Loved them when they did some of the cruelest things in return. Love has forgotten to write! Or Maybe I never addressed Love correctly…..



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