I am not mature enough to have sex with someone I don’t see a long-term partnership with. I am not adult enough to use one person to get over another. SHIT, i can’t even fool around with someone unless I have a life long connection in mind. I mean, I only want Love in my life. I don’t want several women blowing up my phone, under the assumption they are all special. I don’t want to pretend that I am this stereotype of a man, when I actually want forever in my life. Forever Loves; Family, friends, and wife. Yes, I am too hopeful to buy into the world being cold and given up on the warmth of a long lasting passion. Not sexually, but passion to live dedicated to making those I Love happy. I was told to lighten up and have fun, but my fun is giving my life to those that deserve my breaths. I found home! So, I am not mature enough to sweat sheets out, just to wash them. I prefer to lie in our combined sweat, cuddled up in our belief that we will last FOREVER.



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