“I Love you!” Yes, the words that came out of my mouth. They also came out of yours but you kept me in the shadows. You were on full display. I was proud to call you a woman I Love. I never realized how private we were until the day I expressed your lack of praise in me. You defended it like you believed it was okay. Matter of fact, you defended it like I was wrong for expecting some public acknowledgement. We spoke, you took a stance, and I took mine. The disconnect was formed. You threw me a bone the next day by wanting to talk. What was there truly to speak about? You were clear that I was to be a closed door person in your life. I understand your position and you understood mine. You ran operations and I made sure the operation ran. Yet, I told you “I am no secret”! You said “You wouldn’t be”. Now, we are here, strangers passing in the wind. Watching one another’s lives from the window. I Love You! Those were the words I said and I showed in my passion to get us on the same page. The fatigue of getting met with resistence has crippled me to walk several times. You would come back stating you were wrong but I knew you was keeping count of how many times you we saying “Sorry” and not how many times you did things to me to be sorry about. It’s cool. It was my choice not to be in this relationship. I surrendered to the fact that I Loved you deeply and now I surrender to the fact that I will never be able to express that Love again….


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