We met. I asked a lot of questions, and you asked why. I said, “why do you want to know, why?” You said, ” Because I want to understand why your asking all of these questions”. I explained, ” That’s the exact reason why I am asking all of these questions because I want to understand you. I want to see how we can become an us.” The bigger question is why aren’t you asking a lot of questions?” You responded, ” I believe things should just flow naturally, we don’t have to interview one another.” I replied “I am not just going with the flow, I am interviewing for the most important job in my life (my wife) and you want me to go with the flow. It is natural to ask questions. It’s unnatural to be on a date with someone and not want to truly know who you are sitting with. No, I wouldn’t know you in a day but less questions come later on in the relationship because we hopefully perfected a dance. You just stared at me, then you said “We just met, why are you so interested in knowing me?” I said, “I am interested because I find you attractive, your aura is positive, and I want to see if we have a future; hence all the questions”! You try to hold back your smile, started to relax, and answered all my questions. Now, we are married! Do you remember our first date baby?



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