How many longterm relationship are built more on forgiveness than devotion? I mean, we are starting to believe that great relationships must have a moment of cheating, disloyalty, or abuse. Like Love only exist when someone needs forgiveness or is being forgiven. What happened to commitment? We can say we would never cheat, abuse, or be disloyal to Love and honor that. We can honestly communicate wanting to be single if we want to cheat, walk away when we have the urge to abuse or tell the truth even when it will hurt. We can devote ourselves to being a great partner. Yet, we continue to perpetuate people making mistakes because they had a lapse in judgement. We are selling our children the hardships of relationships because we were too scare to leave. We are selling our children worthlessness being the norm because we should never expect perfection. But, we can expect greatness and that isn’t based on not making mistakes but on the type of mistakes being made. If you forgot the milk that is a mistake but if you had sex with the milk man that’s a choice….



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